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GV Car Tinting Services

Car window tints are the hype today not only for their privacy features and aesthetics value but also to the health benefits they provide both to your prized automobile and you, respectively.

Having your car windows tinted give you an extra level of protection that ensures your well-being’s safety from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer and other skin-related diseases and/or discomforts.

Fade to Black

Most windows come with a thin film of protection that guards you from the rays of the sun. This means that you squint less and you drive more comfortably. However, the tints on your car windows are not enough to fully protect you, your eyes, and your over-all health.

You still need an extra coat of film that does more than just block a little amount of sunlight.

What you need is a coating that assures you and your loved ones increased safety from UV rays that constantly bombard the interior of your car making it less enjoyable and stressful to drive around.

This is where GV Window Tinting comes in.

We transform your car into a high-end looking and UV-proof automobile that guarantees comfort and style while you drive your car along highways and long stretches of road.

Your car’s interior will virtually “fade to black” with our superior GV Window Tinting film that meets the highest standards for car window tinting.

New Guard on the Block

GV Window Tinting provides your car tints with Solar Gard.

Solar Gard is an innovative material that protects the driver from harmful UV rays plus it provides extra layer of protection for car windows making them more sturdy, more durable, and more resistant to the elements.

Contact GV Widnow Tinting

Call 0427 242 310 today or e-mail us at to know more about our outstanding products and services including Solar Gard.

Thank you for choosing GV Window Tinting.

We are looking forward to service your needs the soonest.

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